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The livejournal chapter of The Lion King Fanart Message Board at www.lilymud.com

You don't have to be a livejournal member to read posts (unless they're locked to members only) and I currently have anonymous commenting enabled (though this will either be disabled or screened if it becomes a problem, and it is common courtesy to leave some sort of name when commenting anonymously).

I figured it would be useful during downtimes to keep members here from going crazy, like I was. Feel free to use it to RP, chat, or do whatever. Consider it a backup lilymud. (speaking of, Chianti, I hope the name use was ok, I don't have your email, so I didn't ask you...but if it's a problem I could change it to something else...I just figured everyone knew that name well).

It'd also be a useful place for admins and mods to keep members updated during downtimes, and as another place to announce upcomming events (downtimes, contest deadlines, important threads that should be viewed, etc.)

It's not lilymud, but I still ask that you keep lilymud behavioral rules in mind since they make sense in terms of what most people would consider acceptable behavior. Don't go flaming people or randomly accusing people of art theft (i'd prefer if art theft issues be left for the board, since that area has a whole bunch of extra rules that are not my jurisdiction), and so on. If any users become a problem, I can always ban them from the community...but I honestly don't think there will be any problems.