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falling for a lioness pt 4

Falling for a lioness by sindragon

i don’t own lion king is on by Disney

i own Stuart Jamie and Colin

this has cross spices paring ok

MAin Stuart(oc)x NALA

Set 2 months after scar took power of pride lands

Chapter 7 Let get ready to Rumble part 1

Shenzi smirk evilly at Zira and the rest of the Lioness and me. As I look around Seeing all kinds of hyenas, male female, old, young, tall small you name it they where all there . The Most annoying thing was they where making that horrible laugh high pitch sound like claws on a chalkboard.

The hyenas where know surrounding all of us so we couldn’t escape. The entire lioness hid the cubs behind them and Nala hid behind my legs shaking deeply. I put my hand down to her to try to calm her while I kept my eyes lock on the hyenas. Which was very hard since it was dark and only part of there body was showing was there golden eyes.

I then spotted the head hyena Shenzi looking at my with her evil eyes giving toothy smirk what sent a chill down into my spine.

So you’re the human, don’t be scared I’m a friendly dog “ She said putting a fake smile on her face.

I look at her with hate rembring my first meeting with her pack. Though how did she know about humans where close to the K9 family. One thing was certain Hyenas weren’t a part of k9 family that was for certain.

The lioness look at me confusion on the faces, only Zira knew what Shenzi was talking about and snorted in annoyances .

Bullshit you’re a K9 breed if you where you be the lowest group since you’re the scum of the earth” I said looking at the Female Hyena.

I herd her let out an angrily growl come from her mouth She then sent me a death glare at me. I just then smirk at the angrily hyena as the other Lioness look on very confused chatting to them self’s. Zira look at me giving me a toothy smirk at me while I smiled back at her.

Hey Girls you want to know what Animal group they hyenas are from.”I grinned at the female lions looking at them.

Have no clue” Sarabi said looking at me with cofuesment plastid on her face as to say why I was asking something like that.

Hyenas are apart of the merkat family” I grinned before busting out laughing.

It took few mints before all the lioness begin to snicker and laughed at the hyenas. Some of the lioness where on there back rolling on the floor in laughter. Shenzi howled angrily what got our action seeing the Hyena walking closer to us. I pulled out my Sword as I was caring with me as the lioness started to roar having the teeth and claws out baring them at the Hyenas.

Enough Attack kill them all “Shenzi howled angrily.

The war was on as I watched The Hyenas started to charge us, I spotted a group of lioness leading the cubs away to safety. I held my sword out right in front of me ready for the pounce. I so a hyena pounced to straight towards me as I came down and showed my sword forward impaling right in the hyena stomach.

Hearing a sicking sound boned cracking and bloody screamed from the pain. To do more damage to the hyena I moved the sword into the hyena before pulling out. As I pulled the sword out I watched the hyena fall to the ground dead seeing blood poor from the wound I cause.

As I ingaeaged in an another battle I look around seeing loads of dead body’s of hyenas and lioness the smell of death and blood was in the air. Looking back away from the bloody battle ground I swung my sword at a Hyena. Who jump to doge my sword swipe it then swipe my legs with it claws digging into my legs letting me scream of pain. I tried to kick the hyena off me but with no luck.

The Hyena knocked me down as I grunted as I fell to the ground hitting the muddy ground. As I look up I spotted 2 more Hyenas charging at me as I look who I was fighting it was the leader Shenzi. I couldn’t reach my Sword since the fall nock it out my hand .She look at me with her evil eyes laughing.

Good by human” Said shenzi as her jaws came down to my neck.

End chapter 7

So what you think left it at a cliff hanger

Review and rember no flamers

Falling for a lioness by sindragon
I don’t own lion king is on by Disney
I own Stuart Jamie and Colin
This has cross spices paring ok
Main Stuart(oc)x NALA
Set 2 months after scar took power of pride lands
Chapter 8 let get ready to rumble part 2

I closed my eyes hoping the end would be quickly, but a few seconds later nothing happened. I opened my eyes surprise to see that know the 3 hyenas that had held me down, was know was pined down by 3 lioness.

I stood up grabbing my sword looking around at the hyena, lioness fights break out all over the area. The smell of blood was everywhere as if, it was like being in Madworld or gears of war games. The noise was deafening from the roars and howls of hyenas and lioness.

I then herd Nala Scream looking up a spotted a male Hyena had found where the cubs where put to be safe. I was shock seeing the 2 lioness and 3 of the cubs dead. The hyena had blood all over his mouth grinning evilly at Nala who tried to look tough while the rest of the cubs hid behind Nala.

“Just surrender little cub to uncle Banzai and I will make it quick” Banzi said evil tone at Nala and the other cubs.

As He bent down to grin at her Nala, she then swiped his face with her claws leaving claws marks on his face making Banzai howl in pain.

“Damm you brat you goner pay for that “Banzai howled in pain. He then swiped at Nala but she then ran under him fallow by the other cubs.

“Stuart help “Nala screamed she ran behind me with the other cubs.

Banzai ran at full speed straight at me with his teeth out bared. I pull out my sword out ready for him as he pounced in the air I bet low sticking my blade up making contact with they hyena stomach .The sound was horrible Banzai let out blood pitch scream as the blade cut his stomach open up a knife threw butter.

He fell to the ground coughing up blood while blood poor from his stomach, I look down nearly throwing up. The cut was so deep you could see his inner organs. Banzai was known panting and coughing more blood up while he was slowly falling a sleep.

“Banzai nooo” Shenzi screamed as she ran over to her friend and mate.
Banzai looks up smiling slightly coughing up more blood. He look and Shenzi nuzzling the female Hyena.
Shenzi was crying looking at her love lose his life she press her muzzle agents his kissing him.

“I love you “Shenzi said to Banzai who smiled sadly.
“I love you too” Banzai said before closing his eyes as he stops breathing.

Banzai was dead her lover her mate dead at it was that human fault. Shenzi growled angrily at me and was about to Strike me when we both herd a noise. Turning around seeing a crazy looking hyena called Ed.

Ed made loads of noise whimpering pointing to the dead body of Banzai .Shenzi Sighed looking back me with tears and anger pouring from her eyes.

“This isn’t over human I will have my revenge mark my words” Shenzi howled before turning away with what left of her pack.
Nala was in my arms shaking deeply as I try to calm her as I look on.
“ We haven’t seen the last of her” I said to myself watching they hyenas’ disappear into the sunset.

End of chapter 8
Sorry fans of banzai I don’t hate him is just got a twist for the end with shenzi what will make up to the squeal
Well review and rate
No flamers

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