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falling for a lioness pt 2

Falling for a lioness by sindragon

i dont own lion king is on by diseny
i own stuart jamie and colin
this has cross spices paring ok
MAin Stuart(oc)x NALA
set 2 mounths after scar took power of pridelands

chapter 3 Meeting the pride and hyenas


I look up seeing the new lion apearing from outside the cave we where in, What surpriced me more that he had other peole with him but not lions hyenas. Why where hyenas with thw king it dident make sence lions and hyenas where arch emneys.

"So this a human then hmmmm no so scary loook like a pice of meat" Scar chuckel darky along with the 3 hyenas with that anyoing sound they made.

Both Sarabi and Scarfina glared angerly At the male lion my guess he wasent very like king .

" leave the human alone scar " Sarabi staned in front me baring her sharp teeth at her king showing no fear in her red eyes showing her strong will.

"sarabi sarabi you know your no loger Queen and i do what ever i want i am the king" He snared at Sarabi.

" Only if your where good as Mufasa" Sarabi said before Scar charge her swiping his claw paw across Sarabi face nocking her across the rock ground hiting the rock wall with a nasty thud as she slump to the ground.

I herd the Hyenas laughting hoping the thwy get a meal out this. Sarabi was out cold as Scarfina bared her teeth at Scar standind in front of Scar.

" kill them" Scar Snered at the us.

I so Scar Smrik evil at me as i saw the 3 Hyenas charge staright at me and the lioness i knew ihated to act or i be deaad. Movering my left leg back taping the ground few time they hyenas look confused but laughted stupidly keep coming..One jump in the air i smrik he was doing as a hope as he open his jaws to bit coming down i swung my left leg with froce it the hyenas neck sending flying into the wall much harder hering the cracking sound of his skull smahing killing him.

The other 2 Hyenas the lioness and Scar look at me with sock fear surpicess at what i just did to the hyena. The other 2 holwed in anger to charging at me. Scarfina So this she tackeld one the hyenas to the ground as the other one tackeld me to the ground. I Put my hand out to stop the Hyena biting down on my neck but hit bit on my arms i yelled in pure pain as the hyenas teeth dug in to my arms.

Scarfina Was having more luck than me her size strengh and anger for what hapen to her sister Sarabi she herd her daughter yelling at her to rip they hyenas thouaght out .The hyena wasent leting up as i dug in deep as i moved my head up headbuting the hyena repeadly intill he yelled in pain leging go of my arms Ithen kick him off me.

The hyena charge agin but i was ready the time as he ran right at me i jump over him he stop surpiced as i laened on the ground grabing it tail he yelp as t swung him around 360 tossing him to the ground with a leting the hyena get air i pounced lading on his back the hyena yeled tried to claw me but he only scarp my back spling blood i grunted in pain. I so my chance grabing my arms around the hyena neck twisting till isound they hyena neck brake killing him. Ipanted deep holding my deeply bleed arm looking just as Scarfina riping the last hyena thouaght out.

Scar growed angerly looking at us " this isent over " scar roared walking out the cave.

Sarabi moaed trying to stand up as Nala cheered haply around us i chuckeld deeply grunted seeing my blood drip from mine wonds on my body.

" your hurt" Nala said worried at me.

Scarfina so this statred to lick my arms cleaning them like lions do to clean wounds i grunted when her sandpaper toung went over my cuts.

"sorry " Scarfina as she keep cleaning it.

After 20 mints i thank Scarfina for her help as i wap my arms in badge to stop the bleeding, ichuckeld explaning whyi did this . I look at Nala chcucling she was very cute she also kept asking me qusteins about stuff as Sscarfina tried to help Sarabi stand but she was stugling it look like she has pull a muzzel in her paw i rember i had morhine in my bag.

I told Sarabi i could help her get rid of the pain showing her the neddel teling what it dose telling she would fill bit pain as it enter her.

Sarabi argeed leting mee give her the morthine. Sarabi agreed to it as i put the need in she dug her claws in the rock as i gave her the drug taking the needel out i pated her back.

After resting Sarabi ,Scarfina and Nala lead me outside to to meet the other pride members i was a bit worried if they would act light Scar. The 3 lioness could sence my worry thow.

" dont be scared the other lioness are very kind they wount hurt you " Nala said to me in gentel voice
" Nala right the other girls are very kind they wont hurt you" Sarabi said nudging my arm with her nose i smiled at her
" thanks" i smiled to them.

We walk out of the cave to the outsidei was surprice to see what isaw thousened of hyenas all over the land they called the look of hated and anger in the Lioness eyes as Nala look on as she sat in my arms looking sadly at the hyena causing death killing or the prey of the pridelands.

I saw Pride rock my mouth was wide open this i s where they lions lived it was amzing the rock sticking up to sky had to be 30 ft tall. Nala chuckeld seeing my reaction in my arms. We started to walk up the slop of Priderock a group of lioness came down to meet us.

When they so me they look very surpriced they loook at Sarabi who explaned to the lioness who calmed down a bit hering a nother paws prits looking up i saw a nother lioness half of her ear was meeting thow she did look at me with fear or anger but hapness

" hello " there human im an queen zira" Zira said to me

end of chapter 3
who zira so happy seeing me
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Falling for a lioness by sindragon


i dont own lion king is on by diseny
i own stuart jamie and colin
this has cross spices paring ok
MAin Stuart(oc)x NALA
set 2 mounths after scar took power of pridelands
Chapter 4 mEETING queen Zira and ow Zira came to pridelands

I spoted a lioness walking down to me Nala, Sarabi ,and Scarfina, she look like a very tought lioness. She had red eyes and much darker brown sady coular fur than the the lighter sandy fur other the other she had a draker lke triangel of fur on her head also she had a cuck on ear missing fro her left ear.

I look around seeing most all the lioness bowing to her a few dident i guess they dident like her looking at Sarabi ,Scarfina and Littel Nala who was still in my arms bow to the new lioness. The lioness look at me surpriced walking up to me siting down in front of me.

" Hello there human im am queen Zira of the pridelands i herd you met my mate im sorry if he try to kill you" Zira said in freindly tone her tail swishing back and fort behind her,

Most of the lioness where very surpriced usly Zira neaver whent agints Scar ways of rules she was Scar pupet for this a nother plan Scar to get rid of this human.I look at Zira eyes peole say the eyes and they keys is to the person soual.

When i look at Zira in her eyes i could tell unlike when i saw Scar and they hyenas who showed haterd towrds me. Zira unlike her name showed kindess safty towrds me i was sure she wasent going to hurt me so i realxed ansering her questin she asked.

"IM Stuart Queen and thanks i said to her" Isaid smiling and bowing to the Queen who smiled back.
Thow I trustred Zira wasent gona cause harm Sarabi dident belive her.
" What going on Zira what you planing you nether go agints Scar way " Sarabi look at her eyes look on the queens eyes.
" Sarabi im nit planing anything im welcoming our guest becuse Zira said to Sarabi about to say more but Sarabi inrupeted her.
" And how you know he was a human " Sarabi look back at her.

" Beacuse" Zira sturgling to say looking at Sarabi as Me and the other lioness look on with intress of this chat between the Queen and ex queen Nala pured in my arms as i smiled at Nala.

"beacuse of what" Sarabi loook at Zira geting a bit angerly at her.
" Fine i knew he was a human becuase i was rasied by humans" Zira snared back at Sarabi.

"whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt" Yelled all the lioness look in pure shock looking at Zira who clean her paw.

I was scock a bit surpiced inew human rasied lion and then relased them when they got older to be set free intoo the wild.
Zira rolled her eyes so what if she was raised by Humans she was still one the strongest lioness in the Pride.
" i Tell you about my past growing up with humans" Zira said

All the Lioness look at zira with intress siting around her i sat next to Sarabi .Nala pured hally in my chest not spoting zira smiling at me before beging.

Zira flashback childhood

A very young Zira about Nala age as a cub was chasing after a buterfly growling playfuly

" The queen of hunting as conner her prey " Zira said to herself as she pouced the buterfly but it flew away and zira hit her head in the rock.

" ouch " Zira sniff deeply rubing her head watching other animal grazing around her in afica.
"you sillly girl zira " said a kind female voice as zira was pick up by humans hands zira look up smiling.
" sorry mama" zira said look at the middel aged female human smiling at the cub caring zira back to there camp.

There camp was quite big for human as they came up to a male human which the fmale human kissed sat in the female amrs happy she loved her family everthing was wonderful.

but peace nither last.

Zira wook up hering hyenas barks laughter in there camp there female human grab zira runing cring deeply look behind zira so the male human dead her they ran they herd more backing as hynas chased them ZIRA screamed as he mother was tacke;d telling zira to run asthe female human was earen alive by the hyenas.

after 30 mints
ZIra cried herself to sleeep her family killed by hynas she mutted she would get vengence for them on they hyenas.

a lioness spoted her saying to herslef "where your family iguessi take you home to pridelands with meTaka need a freind" uru said to her self picking zira up caring her home.

end of zira flashback

The lioness was very shocked but stuart was surpiced that storry souned like how his persents died, I look at Zira who was crying rebing her past i felt soory for her knowing her pain.

end of chapter 4
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