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falling for a lioness pt 5 [22 Feb 2009|12:44am]

Falling for a lioness by sindragon

I don’t own lion king is on by Disney
I own Stuart Jamie and Colin
This has cross spices paring ok
Main Stuart(oc)x NALA

Set 2 months after scar took power of pride lands

Chapter 9 Lions are like humans

I looked around seeing what was left of the lioness and cubs, as I looked around the dead bodies of cubs, lioness and Hyenas I then spotted saw vultures thousands of them circling in the air waiting to sink in to the dead bodies. I never like birds at all and vultures where there worst they don’t ever hunt food for them self’s and they always take scarps from other animal’s meals.

I looked at Nala who was glared angrily at the birds, lucky she didn’t seem to be hurt at all from the battle. The same thing couldn’t be say for the other lioness and me. Sarabi looked around to see who was still alive she had cuts on her body and bites marks on her legs which where still bleeding.

As Sarabi kept searching for anymore survivors or if anyone need help, Nala jump from my arms looking for her mom to see if she was ok. Nala jump over dead bodies as she spotted her mom who had quite bad cuts over her body. Nala cried seeing her injured mother hurt she finally jump other a dead lioness body to nuzzles her mother legs , Sarafina look down at her cub she smiled nuzzling her crying her self glad that her cub was safe.

“Mommy your hurt” Nala cried seeing her injured mother body.

“Shhhhhhh it ok darling just facial wounds I be ok I’m just glad you’re safe” Sarafina said softly to her cub nuzzling her softy to calm her cub.

As this was going on other cubs went to see if they could find there mothers, Nuka stubbed over a dead hyena body to get to Zira who nuzzled her cub. Zira looked around looking at all the death it made her sad and angrily at the lost of life of some of her friends because of the dam poachers Hyenas.

“Why did Taka let hyenas in, he knows this would happen” Zira said with a tear down her eyes from the hard and strong lioness.

Nuka let out a mew trying to get to attison to her mother who smiled nuzzling him letting out a roar to get attison to the other lioness and me.

“Everyone pick up our lost ones so we can give them there final resting place” Zira said in a sad tone looking at everyone who nod there heads.

I help caring some of the dead cubs back to pride lands while other lioness caring back there dead sisters on there backs. I was surprised that they had the same way humans have when losing a lost one I thought that they would leave there body to be eaten like other animals do. But I was wrong as we walk the long way back in the darkness of night and threw the grasslands; I saw animals try to steal the dead for meals but where run off by view lioness who weren’t caring anyone.

After 2 hrs we had finally reach back to the pride lands to where we reached a tree with was huge I then so Zira let out view roars to call someone. A Few seconds later a baboon came down holding a stick with fruit on it, later on I found he was a Sharman called rafifki. The Baboon looked at all the dead who we had place down with sadness started to say words like a price in a church to Start a funeral for the dead lioness and cubs.
End chapter 9

So tell me what ya think
Read and review

Falling for a lioness by sindragon

I don’t own lion king is on by Disney

I own Stuart Jamie and Colin

This has cross spices paring ok

Main Stuart(oc)x NALA

Set 2 months after scar took power of pride lands

Chapter 10 talking and is the love in the air

It had been 2 weeks since the huge fight between the lioness and hyenas, Zira had mange to get the Hyena punished by Scar . At the moment the hyenas where banned from going near the lioness hunts. I Was glad about that but still, we all thought is was wirld that Scar just didn't kicked them out.

“ Scar has something to hide” I thought's to myself as a sat down on a rock on the top of pride rock.

The Prideands where in horrible stake, I was told by Nala that it use to be beautiful place to live, green grass to your eyes could see and prey everywhere too. But Know it just looked like a wasteland there was no green only brown ,no prey barely any water making it hard to live..

I had lost bit of weight since I arrived here but had gain strength from fighting with the lioness manly Sarabi, Zira and Sarafina who where the 3 strongest lioness in the pride. Also with my free time I started to hang out more with Nala . She was getting bigger day by day and looking more beautiful as well.

“ Wait did I say Nala look beautiful” I said to my self blushing thinking about the certain lioness.

Hearing few of the lioness voice I look down from where I was sitting spotting Sarabi , Sarafina and Zira., I guess they where talking to each other I guess it would be about hunting later on. I Started to doze off as the adult lioness where talking below me.

Sarabi look up spotting I had fallen fast a sleep, she smiled before looking at Zira and Sarafina sighing she lick her paw before looking back and Zira.

“ Zira what the news on about the hyenas what did Scar say” Sarabi said to Zira..

Zira sighed looking down to dusty ground. around her before she begin to talk to her.

“ Scar said he letting the hyenas of because he said we shouldn't protected the human “ Zira spat thinking of the dirty low class animal called a hyenas,that her mate was protecting.

Sarabi and Sarafina looked shocked hearing that Scar had most likely plan the hyenas to attack them.

“ I cant believe he knew that we where with Stuart and he be happy to kills us all just because he has a hate for humans” Sarafina yelled anger crying rember losing friends in that battel what happen 2 weeks ago .

Both Zira and Sarabi nuzzled Sarafina who nuzzled back her friends as the rember the friends they had lost.

“ some times I don't even know who Taka is any more since he got the scar and became Scar he ant the lion who I fell in love with as cubs” Zira said to them with sadness in her voice.

Sarabi nod her head looking remembering her mate Mufasa and son Simba how munched she missed them.

Zira look at them sighing as she stood up looking at them nodding for them to fallow her.

“We need to tell the other lioness on what we gona do about the hyenas” Zira sad to them .

Zira head of to the waterhole with Sarbi and Sarafina. to find the other lioness to think of a plan.

As the adults left a small cub aperd walking threw the long grass up to where I was fast a sleep on top. The cub grinned slowly getting closer trying not to make a sound inch by inch in till she was in pouncing range.

“rooooooooa” the cub pounced letting out a cubby roar pouncing on top of me.

I woke with a fright jumping a bit looking around in till I spotted a giggling cub knowing who it was.

“Nala be careful ,you scared me ”i chuckled after calming down looking at the young cub.

“Sorry Stuart “Nala said bit sad her ear flat to her head.

I smiled looking at the young cub ,picking Nala in my arms kissing her head as Nala giggled.

“don't be sorry at all Nala you getting good at pouncing “ I said to her smiling at her stroking her fur on her head.

Nala beamed licking my face making me blushed deeply she grinned at me.

“ So you gona teach me about humans know “ Nala asked me jumping out my arms.

I nod my head as to say yes to her,Nala nudge as I stood up walking down the slop with Nala between my legs ,I wonder am I falling her.
End chapter10

ooh I stuart falling in love tune in to find out
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falling for a lioness pt 4 [22 Feb 2009|12:43am]


Falling for a lioness by sindragon

i don’t own lion king is on by Disney

i own Stuart Jamie and Colin

this has cross spices paring ok

MAin Stuart(oc)x NALA

Set 2 months after scar took power of pride lands

Chapter 7 Let get ready to Rumble part 1

Shenzi smirk evilly at Zira and the rest of the Lioness and me. As I look around Seeing all kinds of hyenas, male female, old, young, tall small you name it they where all there . The Most annoying thing was they where making that horrible laugh high pitch sound like claws on a chalkboard.

The hyenas where know surrounding all of us so we couldn’t escape. The entire lioness hid the cubs behind them and Nala hid behind my legs shaking deeply. I put my hand down to her to try to calm her while I kept my eyes lock on the hyenas. Which was very hard since it was dark and only part of there body was showing was there golden eyes.

I then spotted the head hyena Shenzi looking at my with her evil eyes giving toothy smirk what sent a chill down into my spine.

So you’re the human, don’t be scared I’m a friendly dog “ She said putting a fake smile on her face.

I look at her with hate rembring my first meeting with her pack. Though how did she know about humans where close to the K9 family. One thing was certain Hyenas weren’t a part of k9 family that was for certain.

The lioness look at me confusion on the faces, only Zira knew what Shenzi was talking about and snorted in annoyances .

Bullshit you’re a K9 breed if you where you be the lowest group since you’re the scum of the earth” I said looking at the Female Hyena.

I herd her let out an angrily growl come from her mouth She then sent me a death glare at me. I just then smirk at the angrily hyena as the other Lioness look on very confused chatting to them self’s. Zira look at me giving me a toothy smirk at me while I smiled back at her.

Hey Girls you want to know what Animal group they hyenas are from.”I grinned at the female lions looking at them.

Have no clue” Sarabi said looking at me with cofuesment plastid on her face as to say why I was asking something like that.

Hyenas are apart of the merkat family” I grinned before busting out laughing.

It took few mints before all the lioness begin to snicker and laughed at the hyenas. Some of the lioness where on there back rolling on the floor in laughter. Shenzi howled angrily what got our action seeing the Hyena walking closer to us. I pulled out my Sword as I was caring with me as the lioness started to roar having the teeth and claws out baring them at the Hyenas.

Enough Attack kill them all “Shenzi howled angrily.

The war was on as I watched The Hyenas started to charge us, I spotted a group of lioness leading the cubs away to safety. I held my sword out right in front of me ready for the pounce. I so a hyena pounced to straight towards me as I came down and showed my sword forward impaling right in the hyena stomach.

Hearing a sicking sound boned cracking and bloody screamed from the pain. To do more damage to the hyena I moved the sword into the hyena before pulling out. As I pulled the sword out I watched the hyena fall to the ground dead seeing blood poor from the wound I cause.

As I ingaeaged in an another battle I look around seeing loads of dead body’s of hyenas and lioness the smell of death and blood was in the air. Looking back away from the bloody battle ground I swung my sword at a Hyena. Who jump to doge my sword swipe it then swipe my legs with it claws digging into my legs letting me scream of pain. I tried to kick the hyena off me but with no luck.

The Hyena knocked me down as I grunted as I fell to the ground hitting the muddy ground. As I look up I spotted 2 more Hyenas charging at me as I look who I was fighting it was the leader Shenzi. I couldn’t reach my Sword since the fall nock it out my hand .She look at me with her evil eyes laughing.

Good by human” Said shenzi as her jaws came down to my neck.

End chapter 7

So what you think left it at a cliff hanger

Review and rember no flamers

Falling for a lioness by sindragon
I don’t own lion king is on by Disney
I own Stuart Jamie and Colin
This has cross spices paring ok
Main Stuart(oc)x NALA
Set 2 months after scar took power of pride lands
Chapter 8 let get ready to rumble part 2

I closed my eyes hoping the end would be quickly, but a few seconds later nothing happened. I opened my eyes surprise to see that know the 3 hyenas that had held me down, was know was pined down by 3 lioness.

I stood up grabbing my sword looking around at the hyena, lioness fights break out all over the area. The smell of blood was everywhere as if, it was like being in Madworld or gears of war games. The noise was deafening from the roars and howls of hyenas and lioness.

I then herd Nala Scream looking up a spotted a male Hyena had found where the cubs where put to be safe. I was shock seeing the 2 lioness and 3 of the cubs dead. The hyena had blood all over his mouth grinning evilly at Nala who tried to look tough while the rest of the cubs hid behind Nala.

“Just surrender little cub to uncle Banzai and I will make it quick” Banzi said evil tone at Nala and the other cubs.

As He bent down to grin at her Nala, she then swiped his face with her claws leaving claws marks on his face making Banzai howl in pain.

“Damm you brat you goner pay for that “Banzai howled in pain. He then swiped at Nala but she then ran under him fallow by the other cubs.

“Stuart help “Nala screamed she ran behind me with the other cubs.

Banzai ran at full speed straight at me with his teeth out bared. I pull out my sword out ready for him as he pounced in the air I bet low sticking my blade up making contact with they hyena stomach .The sound was horrible Banzai let out blood pitch scream as the blade cut his stomach open up a knife threw butter.

He fell to the ground coughing up blood while blood poor from his stomach, I look down nearly throwing up. The cut was so deep you could see his inner organs. Banzai was known panting and coughing more blood up while he was slowly falling a sleep.

“Banzai nooo” Shenzi screamed as she ran over to her friend and mate.
Banzai looks up smiling slightly coughing up more blood. He look and Shenzi nuzzling the female Hyena.
Shenzi was crying looking at her love lose his life she press her muzzle agents his kissing him.

“I love you “Shenzi said to Banzai who smiled sadly.
“I love you too” Banzai said before closing his eyes as he stops breathing.

Banzai was dead her lover her mate dead at it was that human fault. Shenzi growled angrily at me and was about to Strike me when we both herd a noise. Turning around seeing a crazy looking hyena called Ed.

Ed made loads of noise whimpering pointing to the dead body of Banzai .Shenzi Sighed looking back me with tears and anger pouring from her eyes.

“This isn’t over human I will have my revenge mark my words” Shenzi howled before turning away with what left of her pack.
Nala was in my arms shaking deeply as I try to calm her as I look on.
“ We haven’t seen the last of her” I said to myself watching they hyenas’ disappear into the sunset.

End of chapter 8
Sorry fans of banzai I don’t hate him is just got a twist for the end with shenzi what will make up to the squeal
Well review and rate
No flamers

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falling for a lioness pt 3 [22 Feb 2009|12:42am]


Falling for a lioness by sindragon

i dont own lion king is on by diseny

i own stuart jamie and colin

this has cross spices paring ok

MAin Stuart(oc)x NALA

set 2 mounths after scar took power of pridelands

Chapter 5 Lioness hunting and Sleeping

Zira yawned deeply looking at the lioness who some still where in shock looking at Zira. She look at me as I played with Nala in my arms who giggled deeply swatting one my hands with her paws making me smiled at her.

Ok Girls lets head out to get some food,we need to go further tonight because of the hyenas” Zira said to the lioness saying hyenas with disgust.

Most of the Lioness mutter together why Scar even let thos evil beats in the Pride lands. I look over to Sarabi and Scarfina who where talking to eachother about things then Sarabi speak up .

Who gonna look after Nala and the cubs “ Sarabi asked there queen.

You know hyenas being trying to get our cubs”Scarfina said a bit angerly.

She look at her Daughter smiling seeing her playing with me. I look at her smiling tickling Nala belly making her laugh. Zira look at us smiling letting out a roar to get the lioness to listen.

I will put Stuart in charge of the cubs” Zira said siting down looking at me.

Sarabi and Scarfina nods the head in agreement with most of the other lioness. But other lioness dident like muting to them self. Even one lioness spoke up.

a human watching our cubs are you out you mind” the lioness growled at Zira.

A lot of the lioness gasped seeing this as they saw Zira walk up to the Lioness showing no emotion on her face .In till she reach the lioness,swatting her to the ground place a claw paw on her neck.

listen the human going to look after there cubs and if you don't or other we be hunting you instead do I make myself clear” Zira roared in the pore lioness face.

gulp yes queen Zira”said the frighten lioness under Zira paw.

Good “ Zira said letting the lioness up who ran behind her friends.

I was very shock seeing this side of Zira . But I guess she has to show she I sent a pushover but I rember not to get on Zira bad side. When Zira so that the lioness where ready she let out a roar starting the hunt leading the lioness down pride rock.

Zira was at the front leading the lioness in the hunt ,i was siting at the back with Sarabi and Scarfina with Nala in my arms. As we walk most the lioness where taking on how they would make sure the hunt went well. Nala sat in my arms looking at me as other cubs played with their mothers legs.

Do you eat meat” Nala asked me looking at me with her eyes

yes I do “ I said to Nala smiling storaking her ears what made Nala pured.

We had go way past the Pride lands Nala had fallen a sleep in my arms .It had started to get very dark no problem for the lioness since the can see in the dark unlike humans. Lucky for me I was use to the dark from playing computer games 24/7 at night .

It was indeed a beautiful walk all I could hear was incest,the lioness and few other animals. The grass shown from the moonlight hitting the grass ,looking at the dark blue sky able to see there stars in the sky.

Sarabi had told me about the great kings and queens of lions live in the stars.

I was so amazed how these lions where so like humans. After 20 mints we had reach a field fill with prey the cubs where told to stay with me as the lioness head off to hunt. As the lioness head off the cubs look at me with as Nala jump from my arms pouncing on a cub which started a cub wrestling match.

The lioness had split into 3 groups Zira lead one sarabi and scarfina lead the other 2. I watch the lioness melt into the grass it was hard to see where any of them where. I wonder what they where going to hunt looking at the animals eating some grass.

Most cub hat sat by me watching the adults. I then herd a nice spotting Sacfina group pounce attacking a group zebra who started to run for their life's. I Then so what they where doing they where leading they zebra to the other 2 groups.

Suddenly as the zebra got close Zira and Sarabi group both group charge out there hiding place. The poor Zebras did see that coming as this was going on the cubs where cheering them on.

Come on mom kill them” shouted Nala cheering loudly.

year rip there eyes out” shouted a male cub to them.

go for the neck “ shouted a female cub.

I chuckled shaking my head listening to the cubs as I watch the lioness bring 3 zebras downs the others ran off. 5 mints later the cubs where called over as the lions begin to feast on the zebra. I herd some lioness fighting other some meat.

I sat down watching them filling a bit hungry .I saw Sarabi coming with Nala with a pice of meat in her mouth she then drop on the grass looking at me.

Nala said you eat meat “ Sarabi said looking at me with a smile

Yes “i said to Sarabi thanking her for the meat.

Sarabi sat down with me and Nala watching me set a fire cooking the meat .I told them while I was doing this what confused them a bit Sarabi just smiled as Nala watch on.

We decide to sleep here tonight most of the cub and lioness cudel up to each other .Sarabi and Sacarfina told me I could sleep next to I did Nala cuddle to me and fell a sleep and soon i fell a sleep too.

End chapter 5

so what you think read and review

no flamers

Falling for a lioness by sindragon
i dont own lion king is on by diseny
i own stuart jamie and colin
this has cross spices paring ok
MAin Stuart(oc)x NALA
set 2 mounths after scar took power of pridelands

Chapter 6 lioness games and hyenas trobles

A paw touched my sleeping face I muted in my sleep knocking it off falling back to sleep. Thou the owner of the paw kept touching my face fianly I open my eyes Staring up the young eyes of Nala.

“ Goddie you up you can play with us “ Nala said smiling haply purling deeply siting next to my face.

I moaned looking at nala yawning deeply rubbing a hand thew my hair looking at the young cub.

“ Nala is still early can you wait” I asked yawning still looking at Nala who had hope in young cub eyes.

“ is not everybody els is up and the adults are joying the games too plasesssssssssssssssssssssssssss “ Nala said giving me a look that so fare always made give in to what she wanted.

I wonned when she learn to do that look there no way any male can stop caving in to her when she used it.

“ Fine Nala I play with you in the games “ I smiled storaking Nala on the her head making her purr deeply.

Nala ran off telling her mom the good news as I watch on smiling. As hearing Sarabi yawned waking up cleaning her fur yawning, before looking at me smiling.

“ Hello morning Sarabi “ I said to the adult lioness, smiling at her.

“ Hello Stuart did you have a nice sleep “ Sarabi asked me smiling at me with kind face.

I nod my head smiling streaching my leg. When I stood up looking at Sarabi who was stretching her limbs as well . She came up to me nuzzling my hand telling me she was going to get a drink at the water whole. I waved to her as she head off warding what to do before these games, Nala said started off today. As I begin to think what would these game be safe for me.

The Lioness where very much stronger with strength plus the have sharp claws and teeth I sighed wondering what I got my self into looking at other of the lioness or the cubs to see what they where doing.

I look up seeing most the lioness was up and they where being lazy on the sides or backs sunbathing in the morning sun of Africa. I spotted Zira was fast her sleep on her back . I chuckled watching her young cub Nuka play on top of her mother body.

“Mom I don't need a bath “ I herd Nala voice interrupt my thoughts.

I look around spotting the most funniest and cutes thing ever. Nala was shouting and struggling to get out her mothers grip. Whiles Scarfina was chuckling at her daughters antics while cleaning her daughter fur.

As I sat down on the grass watching the show of the mom and daughter. I then herd someone came up behind me and I looked up and I smiled spotting Sarabi comiing back from her drink siting next to me.

“ Cubs never like getting baths “ Sarabi chuckled licking one her paws.

I nod my head smiling at Sarabi looking around the grasslands which look like only the lioness was here.

“ So I herd Nala made you join our games “ Sarabi smiled gently nuzzling me.

“ Yeah I did she really wanted me to join the fun” I smiled looking at Sarabi.

Sarabi smiled telling me about the games the lioness do. There was lion tag,wrestling, African lion. I watch as there first game was lion tag the idea of the game was 2 teams and to win you had to tag all your operments.

I watch on see it was a bit unfair as it was cubs vs adults and poor cubs had no chance. The only cub who had not bean tag was Nala as she was agints 5 of the adults.

It look like it was all over 2 of the lioness had conear Nala in behind a tree and about to Tag her. All the cubs where cheering Nala on as the 2 lioness went to tag Nala but she saw this jumping upwards landing on the 2 lioness Tagging them both knocking the odd to 3 on 1.

All the cubs cherd happy seeing Nala doing well cheering her on more as adults just watch on. Thou there reaming 3 where Zira,Sarabi and Nala mother Scarfina, Nala ran up to Zira next who look smugly got into a pouncing potion about to pounce Nala. As Zira when to pounce Nala ,Nala slide under Zira surprising her as nala paw tagging Zira.

Zira grunted walking away then siting down by me, know it was 2 vs 1. Nala kept jumping dogging her mother and daughter tagging a tamps on her. Nala laughed gigling running around her mom to confused her rolling in a ball Nala doge Sarabi atemt tagging Sarabi boding. Thow Nala body laned on a paw looking Nala gulp seeing her mother locking down on her.

“ Tag you it darling and I win” Scarfina said smiling tagging her daughter wining the game for the adults.

I smiled clapping my hand as the cubs pouted losing the game while the adult cheered haply. As this was going on a smelled a different scent smell like .

“hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaooooooo” said the group of unknown voices laughted.

We all look up spotting a group of hyenas surrounding us all making that anoying sound and they all dident look friendly.

“hello Zira” Said a female Hyena.

“ Shenzi “ zira spatted her name her eyes turn to slits looking at the female hyena with hate.

So end of chapter 6 left on a cliffhanger

revew and read
no flamers
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falling for a lioness pt 2 [22 Feb 2009|12:41am]

Falling for a lioness by sindragon

i dont own lion king is on by diseny
i own stuart jamie and colin
this has cross spices paring ok
MAin Stuart(oc)x NALA
set 2 mounths after scar took power of pridelands

chapter 3 Meeting the pride and hyenas


I look up seeing the new lion apearing from outside the cave we where in, What surpriced me more that he had other peole with him but not lions hyenas. Why where hyenas with thw king it dident make sence lions and hyenas where arch emneys.

"So this a human then hmmmm no so scary loook like a pice of meat" Scar chuckel darky along with the 3 hyenas with that anyoing sound they made.

Both Sarabi and Scarfina glared angerly At the male lion my guess he wasent very like king .

" leave the human alone scar " Sarabi staned in front me baring her sharp teeth at her king showing no fear in her red eyes showing her strong will.

"sarabi sarabi you know your no loger Queen and i do what ever i want i am the king" He snared at Sarabi.

" Only if your where good as Mufasa" Sarabi said before Scar charge her swiping his claw paw across Sarabi face nocking her across the rock ground hiting the rock wall with a nasty thud as she slump to the ground.

I herd the Hyenas laughting hoping the thwy get a meal out this. Sarabi was out cold as Scarfina bared her teeth at Scar standind in front of Scar.

" kill them" Scar Snered at the us.

I so Scar Smrik evil at me as i saw the 3 Hyenas charge staright at me and the lioness i knew ihated to act or i be deaad. Movering my left leg back taping the ground few time they hyenas look confused but laughted stupidly keep coming..One jump in the air i smrik he was doing as a hope as he open his jaws to bit coming down i swung my left leg with froce it the hyenas neck sending flying into the wall much harder hering the cracking sound of his skull smahing killing him.

The other 2 Hyenas the lioness and Scar look at me with sock fear surpicess at what i just did to the hyena. The other 2 holwed in anger to charging at me. Scarfina So this she tackeld one the hyenas to the ground as the other one tackeld me to the ground. I Put my hand out to stop the Hyena biting down on my neck but hit bit on my arms i yelled in pure pain as the hyenas teeth dug in to my arms.

Scarfina Was having more luck than me her size strengh and anger for what hapen to her sister Sarabi she herd her daughter yelling at her to rip they hyenas thouaght out .The hyena wasent leting up as i dug in deep as i moved my head up headbuting the hyena repeadly intill he yelled in pain leging go of my arms Ithen kick him off me.

The hyena charge agin but i was ready the time as he ran right at me i jump over him he stop surpiced as i laened on the ground grabing it tail he yelp as t swung him around 360 tossing him to the ground with a leting the hyena get air i pounced lading on his back the hyena yeled tried to claw me but he only scarp my back spling blood i grunted in pain. I so my chance grabing my arms around the hyena neck twisting till isound they hyena neck brake killing him. Ipanted deep holding my deeply bleed arm looking just as Scarfina riping the last hyena thouaght out.

Scar growed angerly looking at us " this isent over " scar roared walking out the cave.

Sarabi moaed trying to stand up as Nala cheered haply around us i chuckeld deeply grunted seeing my blood drip from mine wonds on my body.

" your hurt" Nala said worried at me.

Scarfina so this statred to lick my arms cleaning them like lions do to clean wounds i grunted when her sandpaper toung went over my cuts.

"sorry " Scarfina as she keep cleaning it.

After 20 mints i thank Scarfina for her help as i wap my arms in badge to stop the bleeding, ichuckeld explaning whyi did this . I look at Nala chcucling she was very cute she also kept asking me qusteins about stuff as Sscarfina tried to help Sarabi stand but she was stugling it look like she has pull a muzzel in her paw i rember i had morhine in my bag.

I told Sarabi i could help her get rid of the pain showing her the neddel teling what it dose telling she would fill bit pain as it enter her.

Sarabi argeed leting mee give her the morthine. Sarabi agreed to it as i put the need in she dug her claws in the rock as i gave her the drug taking the needel out i pated her back.

After resting Sarabi ,Scarfina and Nala lead me outside to to meet the other pride members i was a bit worried if they would act light Scar. The 3 lioness could sence my worry thow.

" dont be scared the other lioness are very kind they wount hurt you " Nala said to me in gentel voice
" Nala right the other girls are very kind they wont hurt you" Sarabi said nudging my arm with her nose i smiled at her
" thanks" i smiled to them.

We walk out of the cave to the outsidei was surprice to see what isaw thousened of hyenas all over the land they called the look of hated and anger in the Lioness eyes as Nala look on as she sat in my arms looking sadly at the hyena causing death killing or the prey of the pridelands.

I saw Pride rock my mouth was wide open this i s where they lions lived it was amzing the rock sticking up to sky had to be 30 ft tall. Nala chuckeld seeing my reaction in my arms. We started to walk up the slop of Priderock a group of lioness came down to meet us.

When they so me they look very surpriced they loook at Sarabi who explaned to the lioness who calmed down a bit hering a nother paws prits looking up i saw a nother lioness half of her ear was meeting thow she did look at me with fear or anger but hapness

" hello " there human im an queen zira" Zira said to me

end of chapter 3
who zira so happy seeing me
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Falling for a lioness by sindragon


i dont own lion king is on by diseny
i own stuart jamie and colin
this has cross spices paring ok
MAin Stuart(oc)x NALA
set 2 mounths after scar took power of pridelands
Chapter 4 mEETING queen Zira and ow Zira came to pridelands

I spoted a lioness walking down to me Nala, Sarabi ,and Scarfina, she look like a very tought lioness. She had red eyes and much darker brown sady coular fur than the the lighter sandy fur other the other she had a draker lke triangel of fur on her head also she had a cuck on ear missing fro her left ear.

I look around seeing most all the lioness bowing to her a few dident i guess they dident like her looking at Sarabi ,Scarfina and Littel Nala who was still in my arms bow to the new lioness. The lioness look at me surpriced walking up to me siting down in front of me.

" Hello there human im am queen Zira of the pridelands i herd you met my mate im sorry if he try to kill you" Zira said in freindly tone her tail swishing back and fort behind her,

Most of the lioness where very surpriced usly Zira neaver whent agints Scar ways of rules she was Scar pupet for this a nother plan Scar to get rid of this human.I look at Zira eyes peole say the eyes and they keys is to the person soual.

When i look at Zira in her eyes i could tell unlike when i saw Scar and they hyenas who showed haterd towrds me. Zira unlike her name showed kindess safty towrds me i was sure she wasent going to hurt me so i realxed ansering her questin she asked.

"IM Stuart Queen and thanks i said to her" Isaid smiling and bowing to the Queen who smiled back.
Thow I trustred Zira wasent gona cause harm Sarabi dident belive her.
" What going on Zira what you planing you nether go agints Scar way " Sarabi look at her eyes look on the queens eyes.
" Sarabi im nit planing anything im welcoming our guest becuse Zira said to Sarabi about to say more but Sarabi inrupeted her.
" And how you know he was a human " Sarabi look back at her.

" Beacuse" Zira sturgling to say looking at Sarabi as Me and the other lioness look on with intress of this chat between the Queen and ex queen Nala pured in my arms as i smiled at Nala.

"beacuse of what" Sarabi loook at Zira geting a bit angerly at her.
" Fine i knew he was a human becuase i was rasied by humans" Zira snared back at Sarabi.

"whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt" Yelled all the lioness look in pure shock looking at Zira who clean her paw.

I was scock a bit surpiced inew human rasied lion and then relased them when they got older to be set free intoo the wild.
Zira rolled her eyes so what if she was raised by Humans she was still one the strongest lioness in the Pride.
" i Tell you about my past growing up with humans" Zira said

All the Lioness look at zira with intress siting around her i sat next to Sarabi .Nala pured hally in my chest not spoting zira smiling at me before beging.

Zira flashback childhood

A very young Zira about Nala age as a cub was chasing after a buterfly growling playfuly

" The queen of hunting as conner her prey " Zira said to herself as she pouced the buterfly but it flew away and zira hit her head in the rock.

" ouch " Zira sniff deeply rubing her head watching other animal grazing around her in afica.
"you sillly girl zira " said a kind female voice as zira was pick up by humans hands zira look up smiling.
" sorry mama" zira said look at the middel aged female human smiling at the cub caring zira back to there camp.

There camp was quite big for human as they came up to a male human which the fmale human kissed sat in the female amrs happy she loved her family everthing was wonderful.

but peace nither last.

Zira wook up hering hyenas barks laughter in there camp there female human grab zira runing cring deeply look behind zira so the male human dead her they ran they herd more backing as hynas chased them ZIRA screamed as he mother was tacke;d telling zira to run asthe female human was earen alive by the hyenas.

after 30 mints
ZIra cried herself to sleeep her family killed by hynas she mutted she would get vengence for them on they hyenas.

a lioness spoted her saying to herslef "where your family iguessi take you home to pridelands with meTaka need a freind" uru said to her self picking zira up caring her home.

end of zira flashback

The lioness was very shocked but stuart was surpiced that storry souned like how his persents died, I look at Zira who was crying rebing her past i felt soory for her knowing her pain.

end of chapter 4
soo what you think read and review
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falling for a lioness pt 1 [22 Feb 2009|12:38am]

Falling for a lioness

i dont own lion king is on by diseny

i own stuart jamie and colin
this has cross spices paring ok
MAin Stuart(oc)x NALA
Chapter 1 Crash landing welcome to PRIDELANDS
p.s i had problems with word not working so done on wordpad so cant spell check it
this has death in this chapter your warned

A Xl plane above the famous aficans planes most of the afican birld thew out the way of it not knowing what this strange creature was.

"I look out the plane loving thew view of the plaines untoched by mankind. Miles to they eyes could see of the golden grass with few blue dot where the water wholes where.

" it so beatiful " i said to my self look outside the airplane window,at all the animlas grazing on the plane straging not seeing any preditures.

" Hey Stu where nearling at the airport" said a voice to my right.

Iturn around to the sound and smiled look at Colin one my close freind from childhood a fellow Manchester united fan " yeah true " i smiled happly puting a hand thew my messy black and brown hair laughthing.

The reason Why we where in Afica becuase i was fianly going to do my dream job by opening a resturant/safia in affica the first of it kind i was so looking to my dream to come true.

But then "BANG BOOM" A huge expoution was herd the force was so great it shuted us forowrd.

"what the hell " i herd Colin yelled. I look out side the window to see to my worst nightmare both of the enigns on my side where destroyed we where going to crash big time.

It all hapen so quick the crew where all shouting to us to put on our airmask as the poilts try to fight for controal. But it was no good the plane was nose diving straight to the ground Iclose my eyes ready for the end hering the plane crash causing me to black out.

Then there was silnce
2hr later my eyes opened$ up moaning trying to move out my seat then i rember colin.

" colin i shouted to him" i said to my freind hoping he say somthing when i turn to look at where he sat i burst into was in his seat but had a pice of long metal pole had gone thew him killing him.

"nnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" i shouted in anger losing my freind.

1hr later i had got his body free and had started to build a grave for him bot wanting his body to get eating by vauthers or hyenas.

After finshing his grace iplace his body in covring with earth saying a prea for him and others who lost there life.

Finding all i could find of water and food in my bag caring it along with my sword i had brought with me along with matches knife set for my cooking.

I had walk to the poiting rock after 5 hrs i had nealy reach them but this place look very dried
and there were loads of bones of dead animals.i was stugling i had all kind of cuts and brozes from the plane crash on my body.

I then so 3 lioness 2 adult 1 quite young looking at me before anything els hapen i fanited just as i blackout i herd one the lioness speack "waht we going to do sarabi said the lioness.

end chaper 1
well what you think my forst none crossover fic lol

Falling for a lioness by sindragon
i dont own lion king is on by diseny
i own stuart jamie and colin
this has cross spices paring ok
MAin Stuart(oc)x NALA
set 2 mounths after scar took power of pridelands
chapter 2 Talking lions wtf

I moaned awaking up trying to move but my back dident what me too all i could see was darkness of sunlight
" where am i " i said to my self looking around but all i could see where cave wall how was that posiblie.
I rember beeing on the planie before faniting before i herd a voice.
" i woudent get up creature "said a voice i look up spoting a lioness the same one i saw before faniting.
" you talk " stuart said very shock looking at the lioness in front of him.
" um yes same as you " ask the lioness very counfused tilting her head at me.

As i was about to say somthing i herd 8 sounds of pawsfeet hiting there ground of the rock of the cave i look seeing a adult lioness and a much younger lioness a tennlioness who look like the lioness walking the cub.

" so he up hello there littel one" said to me she had a camling voice as she sat next to the to the other lioness as her cub walk around me.

" you look funny what are you " said the cub look at me whith her green eyes i had to amit she was very cute.
"Nala that rude " the 2nd lioness scorded her cub looking at me.
"sorry about that my name is scarfina and this is my cub nala" said scarfina said the lioness
" Im an Sarabi formal gueen of pride rock" she said in a sad voice what cofused me.
" Im Stuart and im a human" i smiled looking down at the cub nala who grined at me i smiled.
Nala look at my clotheas gigeling " your fur haging of you " nala said her bright green eyes showed at me.
i chuckeld looking at Nala storaking her light plae sandy coular fur making nala pur deeply i smiled.

" No these are my clothese humans dont have fur like you to keep warm" i exaplane to Nala while Sarabi and Sacarfina look on smiling.

I look at them all Sarabi was the largest out the 2 she was very muscle build and had very dark sandy fur and had red brown eyes . While Scarfina had much lighter fur sand coular of the grass like her cub nala also she had like her daughter had green eyes, but wasent as strong as Sarabi.

" So I guess your son the king of the pride " i asked sarabi who face turn sadly away from me hering me saying son.
" no his uncle is king my son and mate died in a stampied" Sarabi said crying as Scaefina try to sooth the formal queen.
"im so sorry i dident meet too" i started to say but Sarabi held her paw up stoping me talking.
"No it ok you dident know we must hide before" sarabi was about to say when i herd a male voice.
"Before what Sarabi " said the male voice looking up I saw a skinny male lion with a jet black mane whith a scar on his face .
"Scar " Sarabi said scocked looking at him.

end of chapter 2
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cliffhanger what going to hapen to me
i gona put what stuart look like on my padge of fanfiction
read and review and no flamers
had to use wordpad and it dose have spell check on it

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[01 Feb 2009|01:23am]

hello lilymud
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[01 Feb 2009|01:21am]


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[25 Aug 2008|02:38pm]

Hello there! Oncoming Storm from teh 'mud, finally found this place :D
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Where did it go? [07 Aug 2008|06:24pm]

..is Lilymud acting up for anyone else? 
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[20 Jul 2008|12:36pm]

AnthroSketchXch is a quality-controlled secret santa type activity where you sign up with your character’s information and it is then e-mailed to a person at random. You in turn will receive someone else’s description, and you are then expected to finish art by a certain date. Where as most exchanges you are only allowed to enter certain types of characters, or you must finish a full out picture, here at anthrosketchxch, we do things a little different. All animal characters are excepted. Unfortunately this leaves out those of you with human or mech characters. Despite being called anthro though, it doesn’t have to be anthro in the typical ‘furry’ sense. It just has to be your Disney type anthro, i.e. animal with human expressions. Also, our community is aimed for those of you who’d always like to join exchanges.. but don’t quite have the time. Our focus here is on sketches and speedpaintings. Completed pictures are nice, sure, but this community is for the busy, the lazy, and well.. people who like to sketch!

There are TEN DAYS left to sign-up for August's round at anthrosketchxch! We love new people so go sign-up dammit!

You can find the community here- anthrosketchxch

August's sign-up post is here- http://community.livejournal.com/anthrosketchxch/234929.html

If you're new and looking to join the community, make sure you read the community info and post your gallery up here for us to look at first- http://community.livejournal.com/anthrosketchxch/510.html

If you do not join this round.. and you are not a member already.. well then you should seriously consider asking yourself "why the hell am I not a part of this?" >:-|

That's all for now.
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[07 Jun 2008|10:49am]

Is lilymud ridiculously slow for anybody else? This is a semi recent thing. I cant click the thread links from emails anymore because the thread wont load and I can barely even log in.

:< Its annoying.
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Hiya |D [27 May 2008|07:24pm]

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 Hai guys c: Saz here, just wanted to stop by and say... well, you all can add me if you want to xD I'm pretty active here, post once or twice a week. Would love to hear from you folks <3

Laterrrrr 8D


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gone [21 Mar 2008|11:05pm]

Lilymud! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
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[21 Sep 2007|10:09pm]
Hey guys, sorry I'm extremely late :B Haven't been drawing for eons, but I got stuff for Scape, NQN, and Spits. I'll finish up the rest of you guys, so please be patient a little bit longer, 'kay?

So far...Collapse )

I'll finish the rest, I promise.
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lilymuds alive [06 Aug 2007|10:56am]



I had to do some digging to remember that old long lilymud address >.>
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[ mood | Like drawing ur doodz. ]


Because I want to. They can be anything, human, dragon, mouse, cat, bunny, bear, alien, earthling, automobile, toaster, anything goes. However, due to time constraints (and while I want to draw other people's characters, I can't handle much stress right now), they can only be sketches. Graphite, Photoshop, OpenCanvas, whatever I got. But only sketches. Sorry.

I'll take the first ten that post here, but only one character each unless I can manage two. Feel free to post anyone you may want doodled up, but only expect one to be picked.

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Oekaki [15 Mar 2007|01:30am]

[ mood | awake ]

the lm oekaki is up and running again. It's not as exciting as the tlkfaa sketcher but it can still be fun.

Here is a link:

It's no longer on approval since we didn't have any problems with it last time and don't have much traffic. Please check your bulk mail folders if you don't see your confirmation email in your inbox.

i have the old pictures saved and will link them in the thread at LM when i get on the computer they are saved upon.

sorry to intterupt your regular LJ browsing, have a nice day!~

If you'd like to make a template for it let me know! Also if you have any question just ask at LM.
If anything is not working please let us know as well.

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Hello [28 Dec 2006|11:36pm]

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Hi. This is Twilightchaser. Hope to have as much fun here as I do at Lilymud.

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O wow [26 Oct 2006|08:10pm]

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Finally, joined this thang ^^

Kind of hyper today, very TLK-y I feel like Rping if anyone wants to chat RP tlk just aim me at Weird Vixen

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[07 Aug 2006|09:20pm]
Lilymud has looked really strange on my computer for the last 10-15 minutes :-/ None of the background or the big graphic on top will show up, it's all white with lots of red Xs.

Is it just my computer? Or is Lilymud looking strange for anyone else? :-/
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